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Special Avatar System

Posted at: 2018-07-27 02:21:07
The avatar system is completely inherits the original book, and perfectly integrates the strongest race into the game. The player will together with his/her avatar to start their incredible martial adventure.


Through cultivating the avatar, 10% of his attribute will be added into the character. When you first to create a role, you can choose one avatar between "Ancient God","Ancient Wraith","Ancient Demon" as your initial avatar, the rest avatars can be activated in the game later.

Let me see the avatar‘s career and the attribute after merging~
☆Ancient God: High DEF, suitable to closer fight
Divine|Mad Saint: Group attack and mock the targets around you 5m, each time mock per target can add yourself a shield, which can be multiplied up to 5
Divine|Freeze Wave: Group attack and pull the targets around you 5m, if the target in the mock situation will be rooted
Divine|Tyrant Defense: Immune all the Soul Blood Damage and reduce 30% of Health Blood Damage
Merging Attribute Modify: Improve the maximum of the Health Blood and Defense; Improve the Health Blood Immune and reduce the damage of Health Blood and Soul Blood

Ancient Wraith: Suck the blood and heal in the group
Wraith|Sweet Rain: Create a Heal Circle to recover the teammate's HP
Wraith|Sacrifice: Sucking the blood of solo enemy which is around you 8m and recover all the team's HP;If enemy in the circle then the recover HP will become more
Wraith|Illuminate: Causing certain percentage Health Blood Damage to the solo enemy which is around you 5m
Merging Attribute Modify: Improve the Soul Blood and the Soul Defense; Improve the health blood's damage, health blood's immune, soul blood's immune and reduce the soul blood's damage

Ancient Demon: Violent output; Control in far distance
Demon|Bind Soul: Attakc 3 enemies around you 15m and make them slow, the slowness effect can be multipied up to F5
Demon|Predator: Group attack the enemy around you 5m and make them out
Demon|Inferno End: Shut off a magic laser, causing damage to the enemy which is in the 10m direct line, last for 4s;If enemy in the Slowness situation then there is a chance that he will be stuned 
Merging Attribute Modify: Improve attack and the damage of Health Blood, meanwhile the damage of Health Blood and Soul Blood you suffer will be increased

Actually the Avatar System is only a small part in the game, there are many splendid contents will be exposed on the later version. 
Hope you guys can have a great fun on it!


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