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Warlord Leaderboard

Posted at: 2018-07-27 03:38:29
Warlord Leaderboard

Activity Time: 

The Whole Day

Activity Rewards:

Honor Fame( can be used to exchange Avatar's Upgrade or Star-Up item)

1. Each player each day will have 10 challenge times to challenge ( The challenge times will be reset everyday's 24:00)
2. According to the player's current ranking, 3 opponents will be matched randomly by system. Using the refresh function can match another opponent again
3.Every time the challenge ends will have CD times, but you can use Fairy Jade to end the CD times immediately (Supreme VIP 2 can use this function for free)
4. When the player reaches to certain ranking can get the Fairy Jade Reward
5.Different ranking will get different Honor Fame for each 10 minutes, the higher ranking can get more Honor Fame
6. Everyday's 24:00, the system will according to the player's current ranking send the rewards to player through Mail

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